Latvians open an exhibition in Stockholm

On Saturday, April 14, 2007, the sun goes down i Stockholm at 19:59. Flow of the river named Daugava begins at the very moment in wide surroundings of the gallery in "Östra Gymnasiet". The photo-exhibition "Daugava :: Both Riversides", recently noticed in Riga, will take place in the capital of Sweden until the 13th of May. The Vernissage though - a very special evening party on 14/4 - will bring many surprises including audiovisual illusions in an inexperienced atmosphere - creation from known Swedish and Latvian artists [ BJNilsen.com, PB.lv].

Urban Trip - believers in industrial photography. Their aim is to inform society about many top-issues of environment and society itself, and unconventional perception is of vital significance. Daugava - the providential river in Latvia. Both the coastline and the waters bear evidence of relations between people and nature through centuries. Last summer, this river was in the spotlight of the travelling photographers.

The photo-trip took two weeks; more than 20 photographers went upstream from the Baltic Sea until the border of Belarus. It was the main event of the "Daugava :: Both Riversides" project; a virtual gallery and an exhibition in Riga followed. Now the exhibition expands and comes to opening i Stockholm.

New participants still join the project. Artists form the Baltic States and Sweden are the most active now. This initiative has contributed to intercultural communication and creative work in various expressions, and those are incredibly powerful. Young authors have got inspiration from the photos, and now a special book is in the printing-house. Sound artists have turned the pictures into a sound - not in a figurative sense! First results were heard in the Riga-show. Matter-of-course: video artists involved, dynamics, a special tea-ritual, etc.


Seeking the subtext in all the photos is not obligatory. Plain: photographers (among the best: Ervins Labanovskis, Janis Dzerijs Sterns, GarJanis, Janis Pesiks) have created just beautiful, sometimes genuinely weird pictures. The opening shows though are increasingly engrossing and impressive. The evening of April 14 in Stockholm will be noteworthy. In the building of „Östra Gymnasiet", recently awarded as the best in Sweden for the lighting, the show will begin directly after sunset. "Pure culture is drinkable" is the slogan.

Pure culture is drinkable - the visitors will have the opportunity to try it as well as other specialties. Audiovisual performances, loads of technical equipment; Peteris Brinins, just returned from Berlin where he was the key VJ of the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Treaty of Rome; and BJNilsen, recently performed in UK within another nature and water related sound project, "Storm".

Daugava will be present there. And the presentation of the upcoming project "Via Baltica". Via Baltica (E67): the most important road connection between the Baltic states. Via Baltica stands for proper appraisal of national and regional identity and its impact on the process when taking pictures of the objects that usually remain unseen for the nationals – inhabitants of the Baltic States. Though having common history and remembering year 1989 when a live chain of people was made through all the three countries (known as Baltic way), there has not been a remarkable interest about the everyday reality of the neighbouring countries. The project is about to change that among the Baltic photographers, and to bring the whole idea forward through the parade of their works.


Nordic Council of Ministers
The Embassy of Latvia in Stockholm
Culture Society "Lyktan"
"Daugava" (that pure culture)
European Community
European Cultural Foundation
and the COMPITUM foundation.

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